Who I am. – Introduction/Prologue

Who am I? Well, There are the short definitions that place me into various categories. Ultimately, it is quite complicated other than I know I’m a born again Christian and Child of the Living God. Although, I doubt I will gain any sort of following, I hope the future posts in this category as I delve into Past and Present will gain those that care to know an insight into Who I am and why I do the things I do and they way I do them. Since I am definitely no Author by any means and am definitely not in any way famous/infamous, this will probably not be in any Chronological/Autobiographical style. So, why am I taking the time to write this/these postings? Because, I feel I have plenty to share(that may be helpful/inspirational to others) and before my Memory has a Cascade failure these things are somewhere to be shared(unless the site meets a similar fate as ‘geocities’ and the dodo bird).


Where should I begin on this literary journey of memories/experiences? Well as certain things flow to the forefront and/or followup comments(if any) arrive may cause this to go on a wild path, so I will try to keep things somewhat coherent and not a complete bore, yet not embelishing the Truth either -so stay tuned. While some of my experiences may seem far fetched to some, they will be honest first-hand experiences. Also, whilst there are things in my past where I wished I could’ve changed the decisions at the time, I have no regrets for the outcome has brought me to this point in life which I am very grateful for.


Alright, Alright; if I haven’t lost you, the reader, by now; Here Goes:

One of the many things on my mind as of late has been the onslaught of memories(like flashbacks). While I don’t Technically suffer from PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as there haven’t been really any traumatic events in my life to truly associate with it; to some people my whole life could be considered the traumatic event, yet to others, hey it’s just Life. Anyways,  I’ve found as I slowly get older (currently 40) and there is a larger library of memories to pull from, the frequency has increased. In the past it used to be some song that was ‘timestamped’ to the memory or that part of my life, yet now even the newer music that I’ve never heard before can also bring about certain memories(I guess some of that can be attributed to some well written lyrics by the artists). Yet, music is not the only key that has unlocked certain memories, sometimes they just flood in.

Now I haven’t gone into specific memories/experiences just yet as I feel this alone should bring some conversation to the table as well as I just wanted to start this process. If I’ve peaked your interest please follow this blog and/or comment/like below as there will be more to come. Thank You.

2016 in Review

It has been a very interesting year to look back upon, moreso for my family. We went from living (as best we could) in a home we had been renting for a couple years in Rochester, NY; to having to move from there down to Hornell, NY; which quickly saw us homeless and battling government agencies. Now we are forced in a residence that we cannot afford the rent alone without the government assistance we didn’t want in the first place. The place is okay, but we prefer not to have to rely on welfare that can close/deny our case on a whim.

In the political spectrum it appears the US is finally going to get back on track to what the founding fathers’ intended, yet there are many oppossed to that affect as they have the opinion to do so.

My biggest concern is what I have been seeing as a trend for many years now. That is, Christians’ in name only and not being very Christ-like. In the 33years that I have been redeemed, I have came across many ministers/pastors of Christian-based theology and have seen my share of both good and bad. Unfortunately, the last decade or so has been more of those that seem self-serving and less Christ-serving. I know that nobody is perfect and will be the first to admit to having ‘beams’ within my own eyes at times. I also try to be the least judgmental about others until I have witnessed the behaviour myself(in-spite of others telling me about a persons character aforehand). All We can do is try to approach them in Love and Prayer. I can say from experience that sometimes many will take that Christianly concern and dismiss you as someone whom doesn’t have the knowledge ‘they have’. Yet, if they are truly Men/Women of God’s calling to shepherd a flock they will heed the concerns.

I know I seem to run afoul of what may seem like a cohesive post and I apologize, but if I do not speak and say something I might as well be condoning the false prophets and dens of thieves that occur within the ‘Christian’ church. Why do I care? Simply put, I know God is real and so is Jesus(Yeshuah) the Christ. When Jesus called His disciples to follow Him, He called fishermen, tax-collectors, Doctors (to name a few). Most of the ‘Theologians’ of the time were trying to always catch Him in some loop-hole for personal gain. We are to come to Him as children, trusting and obeying, not as ‘theologians/scholars’ trying to find some loop-hole to excuse ‘our’ sin. How many children simply ‘believe’ in the existence of “Santa Claus” this Christmas? Santa Claus is based on a real person in History that is deceased, yet Christ rose from the dead as there were multiple witnesses to that account that told the same account of what transpired. The story of Saint Nick has many extreme variations.

If you are still reading this, I thank you: In closing I will say this. There are too many in the ‘church’ that pray for revival for the wrong reasons(i.e. to increase church membership to raise church funds to pay for the parsonage/pastors’ salary). When the ‘true’ revival hits it will be such a spiritual movement that ‘false doctrine’ will be put back in it’s place and Satan is fearful of this, which is why he fights so hard to prevent it from happening. If you were faced with the decision to deny Christ and live with a tax or DIE gruesomely for your Faith, what choice would you make for you and your family? “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”

Liberty and Freedom, no more?

There are those that have been following my posts/updates to my families situation on social media as I make updates, so this all may not be new news for some, but for others and maybe a further reach. Maybe I can get your mind thinking.

Seeing as how I was born a little over 40 years ago, I grew up with memories starting close to around 1980.  I remember a few things here and there and my family might have been described as lower-middle class. There were certain freedoms that as a child we sometimes wish we can go back to, such as not having to worry about finances or work or housing. These were all taken care of by our “Parents”.  As an adult these worries are manifested daily.

Back to present though and the topic of this posting. We all seem to take our Liberties and Freedom’s here in the USA for granted. Freedom to move about is supposed to be guaranteed within the constitution, but what if someone for nefarious reasons were to use the love of a family member to coerce you into government servitude and restrict your movements to try and offer your family a more prosperous future with aspirations towards being debt-free, only to force you into a place that you would not be able to afford without ‘their’ assistance? Would you willingly comply?

This is factually the reality that my family faces. As a Veteran I served to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and now I am Forced to have my Constitutionally guaranteed rights violated. The worst part of it is, that as a Christian I reached out to what were supposed to be my ‘brothers and sisters’ in Christ and instead of offering hope, faith, kindness and charity; they suggested/implied that this was the only option for my family to survive.

If and agency is supposed to help you attain ‘self-sufficiency’, how can you obtain it if they lord their rules over your head and force you to rent a place sight unseen that not including the utilities you cannot afford the rent with current income?

I know this is a bit of a rant, but this is a reality and as we near a very important election, this could be a reality for more and more people depending on the outcome of whom we place in political office. The church gave away Charity to the Government, thereby giving away Love, Hope, Faith and Grace; these things are intertwined if you believe in the Holy Bible and the words of Jesus Christ.

I could go on more in detail, but will leave that out for now as there are many that deny not only the biblical truths, but the physical truths as well. I will say this, my hope and faith remains in knowing the fact that Christ will return; and on this current path, Revelations will be revealed soon.

Apologies for the long Hiatus from postings.

It has been awhile since I last posted, as I have had other concerns that have kept me away from WordPress..  I hope to post a little more regularly moving forward (fingers crossed).

Myself and Amateur Radio since some of my last postings.

Well, I have found some interesting clubs, both online and offline and when possible have tried to be more involved(with little success).  My Radio setup has improved to contain a couple more radios(for free or inexpensive), yet some of them are still non-operational. One of my first additions was a used Heathkit HW101 Transceiver, that unfortunately needs most of it’s tubes (costing close to $180) before it can be diagnosed and put on the air for making contacts.. I also obtained a Baofeng UV5R handheld and have had great enjoyment from it. I was also given 2 commercial Motorola VHF(2m) mobiles (One of which is programmed enough to be functional). a 10memory 2M mobile that is on a 2m NMO mount in my vehicle. A Kenwood TS-700A(not fully operational, powers on, no TX)

Now it would seem like I have the beginnings of a decent radio setup and this would be true once they are all working and on the air..As mentioned in a previous post I did obtain my Amateur Extra license so I do have full privileges.

Please pardon my rambling on at the moment.  Also, another change to my “shack” area is that a former XP machine of mine now has Linux on it instead as my “shack” computer, so I’m still working all the bugs out of what will work and what won’t on that computer.

Talk again soon…

73, KD7LTN

Outside of Amateur Radio

There have been many things happening around us all lately that has reinforced a calling that I had earlier on in life and that was to become a Minister of Jesus Christ and following that calling have recently been Ordained as an Independent Minister.
Now I know this offends many but it is not the world I am worried about offending but my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I have also been attending my local Community Emergency Response Team CERT classes and hopefully starting a new job very shortly.

I will say that if Anyone who may see this feels so inclined they can find my ministry page on Facebook by searching

Servant Spirit Ministries

73 and God Bless,
Eric W Miller

Ticket upgrade

Well it is official across the main databases (FCC-uls, ARRL and qrz). I officially have a General class license. I am hoping that I can pass Extra soon.
Now I know that I have few if any followers here, but here goes.
I have been wanting to upgrade my license since day one, but always seemed to have difficulty learning cw/Morse code. Then I was rejuvenated when the FCC decided to remove the requirement a couple years ago. Now in line with my prior posts of “on the cheap”. Although I opted for a copy of the “General” study guide when I finally renewed my ARRL membership (altho I  didn’t use it much). I found a smartphone app called Ham Study(Google Play Store) that I used for free. Ultimately, the final thing that helped is that in Rochester, NY where I now reside, one of the local clubs sponsors the test session for free every month from November to May. So with all contributing factors now the only cost to me is transportation to the test site and eventually cost of more gear.
Now there are those that can afford the cost of getting their license (currently around 14$ max) which I understand the purpose of why its there, but in my case if I would have had to pay I would not have been able to upgrade.
Eric Miller kd7ltn

Update, as of Sept 2013, I now am an Amateur Extra Class Operator

Ham Radio for ALL

I’m going into my second decade as a Technician class Ham. As I watch the hobby unfold amongst social media and cell phones there are many things I have witnessed when it comes to Amateur Radio accessibility.

First, for those that may think that they cannot get their Amateur Radio License due to disabilities there is a great group out there called ‘HandiHam‘ that works with many disabilities from physical to others (the reason I say others is personally I feel that there is no such thing as a disability but rather many people whom are unable to function as “normal” society have many other ABILITIES that would teach us all a few lessons about life.

Second, and most discouraging of all in the current economy is the finances for ‘radio gear’.  For less than the cost of a ‘full priced’ fancy cellphone such as the famous fruit-brand or even robot models, you can purchase an HT (Handheld Talkie otherwise known as  a ‘handheld’) especially one that (although I wish were 100% American made) is from China without the ‘monthly service fees’. I will say that the majority of my posts will pertain to Ham Radio on a Budget.

Finally, a large reason used to be in regards to learning Morse Code (CW) and/or the technical ‘jargon’ needed to get the license, Well thanks to changes in regulations over the last few years Morse Code is no longer a requirement to obtain any level of license and the technical aspect at least for a Technician class license is not too stringent to learn as there are great resources for practice exams and studying that have been available online for years.

I hope to hear you on the airwaves soon,

73, kd7ltn – Eric W Miller

Personal Introduction..

My name is Eric W Miller and I am a husband, father, Christian and an Amateur Radio Operator. I plan to keep the majority of my blog posts Amateur Radio related, but there may be a few of personal opinion (well all posts will be of my personal opinion). With all the great resources and many ‘Hams’ utilizing the very social networks there is already alot of information available to people looking for more information about Amateur Radio.


Eric W Miller