Ticket upgrade

Well it is official across the main databases (FCC-uls, ARRL and qrz). I officially have a General class license. I am hoping that I can pass Extra soon.
Now I know that I have few if any followers here, but here goes.
I have been wanting to upgrade my license since day one, but always seemed to have difficulty learning cw/Morse code. Then I was rejuvenated when the FCC decided to remove the requirement a couple years ago. Now in line with my prior posts of “on the cheap”. Although I opted for a copy of the “General” study guide when I finally renewed my ARRL membership (altho I  didn’t use it much). I found a smartphone app called Ham Study(Google Play Store) that I used for free. Ultimately, the final thing that helped is that in Rochester, NY where I now reside, one of the local clubs sponsors the test session for free every month from November to May. So with all contributing factors now the only cost to me is transportation to the test site and eventually cost of more gear.
Now there are those that can afford the cost of getting their license (currently around 14$ max) which I understand the purpose of why its there, but in my case if I would have had to pay I would not have been able to upgrade.
Eric Miller kd7ltn

Update, as of Sept 2013, I now am an Amateur Extra Class Operator


One thought on “Ticket upgrade

  1. Don’t know why I never bookmarked you blog, but it’s done now. I was reminded when you visited the SSDD posting. I will send an email via winlink shortly.


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