Liberty and Freedom, no more?

There are those that have been following my posts/updates to my families situation on social media as I make updates, so this all may not be new news for some, but for others and maybe a further reach. Maybe I can get your mind thinking.

Seeing as how I was born a little over 40 years ago, I grew up with memories starting close to around 1980.  I remember a few things here and there and my family might have been described as lower-middle class. There were certain freedoms that as a child we sometimes wish we can go back to, such as not having to worry about finances or work or housing. These were all taken care of by our “Parents”.  As an adult these worries are manifested daily.

Back to present though and the topic of this posting. We all seem to take our Liberties and Freedom’s here in the USA for granted. Freedom to move about is supposed to be guaranteed within the constitution, but what if someone for nefarious reasons were to use the love of a family member to coerce you into government servitude and restrict your movements to try and offer your family a more prosperous future with aspirations towards being debt-free, only to force you into a place that you would not be able to afford without ‘their’ assistance? Would you willingly comply?

This is factually the reality that my family faces. As a Veteran I served to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and now I am Forced to have my Constitutionally guaranteed rights violated. The worst part of it is, that as a Christian I reached out to what were supposed to be my ‘brothers and sisters’ in Christ and instead of offering hope, faith, kindness and charity; they suggested/implied that this was the only option for my family to survive.

If and agency is supposed to help you attain ‘self-sufficiency’, how can you obtain it if they lord their rules over your head and force you to rent a place sight unseen that not including the utilities you cannot afford the rent with current income?

I know this is a bit of a rant, but this is a reality and as we near a very important election, this could be a reality for more and more people depending on the outcome of whom we place in political office. The church gave away Charity to the Government, thereby giving away Love, Hope, Faith and Grace; these things are intertwined if you believe in the Holy Bible and the words of Jesus Christ.

I could go on more in detail, but will leave that out for now as there are many that deny not only the biblical truths, but the physical truths as well. I will say this, my hope and faith remains in knowing the fact that Christ will return; and on this current path, Revelations will be revealed soon.


2 thoughts on “Liberty and Freedom, no more?

  1. It is not only unfair but insane that many illegal’s crossing the border and migrants being ‘flown’ free to the United states are helped by Christian churches with shelter and food but an American citizen and veteran has an almost insurmountable battle ahead to provide the same. I know from the bible that we are times tested and that God hears and answers our prayers… but it is at times like this that truly test a mans faith.


    • I can honestly say that after having my faith tested many times before this, that my faith is quite solid throughout this ordeal. Patience and tolerance on the other hand are starting to run thin though.


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