Who I am. – Introduction/Prologue

Who am I? Well, There are the short definitions that place me into various categories. Ultimately, it is quite complicated other than I know I’m a born again Christian and Child of the Living God. Although, I doubt I will gain any sort of following, I hope the future posts in this category as I delve into Past and Present will gain those that care to know an insight into Who I am and why I do the things I do and they way I do them. Since I am definitely no Author by any means and am definitely not in any way famous/infamous, this will probably not be in any Chronological/Autobiographical style. So, why am I taking the time to write this/these postings? Because, I feel I have plenty to share(that may be helpful/inspirational to others) and before my Memory has a Cascade failure these things are somewhere to be shared(unless the site meets a similar fate as ‘geocities’ and the dodo bird).


Where should I begin on this literary journey of memories/experiences? Well as certain things flow to the forefront and/or followup comments(if any) arrive may cause this to go on a wild path, so I will try to keep things somewhat coherent and not a complete bore, yet not embelishing the Truth either -so stay tuned. While some of my experiences may seem far fetched to some, they will be honest first-hand experiences. Also, whilst there are things in my past where I wished I could’ve changed the decisions at the time, I have no regrets for the outcome has brought me to this point in life which I am very grateful for.


Alright, Alright; if I haven’t lost you, the reader, by now; Here Goes:

One of the many things on my mind as of late has been the onslaught of memories(like flashbacks). While I don’t Technically suffer from PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as there haven’t been really any traumatic events in my life to truly associate with it; to some people my whole life could be considered the traumatic event, yet to others, hey it’s just Life. Anyways,  I’ve found as I slowly get older (currently 40) and there is a larger library of memories to pull from, the frequency has increased. In the past it used to be some song that was ‘timestamped’ to the memory or that part of my life, yet now even the newer music that I’ve never heard before can also bring about certain memories(I guess some of that can be attributed to some well written lyrics by the artists). Yet, music is not the only key that has unlocked certain memories, sometimes they just flood in.

Now I haven’t gone into specific memories/experiences just yet as I feel this alone should bring some conversation to the table as well as I just wanted to start this process. If I’ve peaked your interest please follow this blog and/or comment/like below as there will be more to come. Thank You.